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Solves your language problems

Do you find yourself struggling with the English of your thesis or scientific paper? Let me help you!

I am a biologist with a keen interest in language and extensive experience in editing/proofreading scientific texts. During my 26 years at the Swedish Species Information Centre, I frequently helped my colleagues with the English of their scientific papers. I also, for instance, translated identification keys for 15 volumes of the Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna, as well as “key facts” about the individual species included in the volumes on mosses, hoverflies, moths, fishes and nemerteans.

As a formal qualification, I hold a “Certificate of Proficiency in English – Council of Europe, level C2” issued by Cambridge University. My background gives me the advantage of familiarity with the subject matter of text on biology and conservation, and it enables me to spot errors that may easily pass by unnoticed if the text is proofread by a non-biologist (e.g. misspelling of scientific names, and/or failure to put them in italics).
In addition, I am happy to take “boring routine work” – e.g. keying in data from your field studies, or bringing order to your reference list – off your shoulders. Leave that to me, and focus on your research instead!

Anna Lejfelt-Sahlén

Please contact me at:
Mobile: (+46) 70-235 23 14
E-mail: anna@lejfeltsahlen.se